Song For Sunday Presents Chelsea Perkins

So after a long and refreshing break WeAre back with Song For Sunday now with a Presents series, as SFS started as a backing track for your Sunday at home or wherever you may land on that day of rest. We’ve decided to take it that one step forward and use it as a peephole for new and talented artists of all genres, because let’s face it we all like something new and for you aspiring artists out there, you all like a bit of promo. Still keeping to the UK-only criteria and only supporting the unheard on this. We hope we can all learn to support what’s on our doorsteps.

So starting this Sunday is a young upcoming singer-songwriter Chelsea Perkins and sneak preview to her song ‘New York’. Being based in London and having spent a number of years in the UK, this song is quite personal to Chelsea and is an ode to her once home and native New York. Chelsea not just carrying a star studded name, is a starlet I know will be on the lips of industry majors and scouts in the next year, with a distinct and powerful voice with tones and melodies that would make a songbird jealous, you’re sure to like her. Know where you heard it first and know that we will be back every Sunday to plug one of the UK’s best unsigned and new talent.

She’s a self-taught soul-pop singer-songwriter/producer. Her voice is compared as a mix between Adele and Duffy with the contemporary sounds of electro-pop. Along with producing her own tracks, she has worked with indie producers worldwide trying to build a sound for herself as well as becoming a songwriter for the commercial public. Chelsea is notable for her distinct soulful vocal sound and her multi-cultural look descending from a mix of eight different ethnicities.

Currently, Chelsea’s working on a series of EPs. The process of concept to reality is a wonderful journey and Chelsea loves every moment of it. Catch her headlining and playing live at ‘Fresh Catch’ at The Good Ship, 289, Kilburn High Road on the August 14th 2012. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s also a treat by Chelsea doing a straight shot recording on her Apogee One of one of her latest original songs ‘Hate The Game’. Enjoy.

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