Incredibox Version 2

Incredibox is rapidly becoming one of the most annoyingly addictive ways to waste time on the internet. The baby of French beatboxer Incredible Polo and French design studio So Far So Good, Incredibox was first launched back in 2009.

The flash site and phone App allows users to create and record their own beats using samples from Polo’s songs which have been cut up into individual sound elements, from beats and melodies to sound effects and voice samples. But there’s more to Incredibox than simply mindless clicking and dragging sound effects around to make beats. If users get the right combination of sounds, they’ll unlock more content.

Since the launch of Version 2 this year, the response for Incredibox has been huge and has seen hits gathering from all over the world. The rise of the app is nothing new, but musicians using them to break through ahead of the competition and surpass the need for the backing of a major label is as yet largely uncharted territory. YouTube has given musicians a lot of power but the growing success of Incredibox suggests there’s definitely another avenue opening up for fun, interactive ways to allow fans to get familiar with your sound. At the time of writing this, the Incredibox site had just under 5 million visits in 2011, 206,066 Facebook fans and 40,000 newsletter subscribers. Interestingly, according to Google, the Philippines was the top searcher for “Incredibox” in April 2012.

Check the trailer by So Far So Good for the app below and head over to Incredibox to see what you can create.


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