VICE Magazine – Dalston Superstars

If you’ve not been following VICE Magazine over the couple of months, then you might have missed the new mini reality spoof show, ‘Dalston Superstars. Self-explained in the show’s name, it follows the lives of five young creatives and the wacky, ecentric lives they lead in their ever so cool London stomping ground that’s Dalston.

This show’s a complete parody of popular television programmes like ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and ‘Made In Chelsea’, and it’s about time someone did this. Who better to do so than the VICE lot? I mean no one else can explain what the rest of London think about these ‘waste’ shows; it’s something compelling yet cringe worthy like watching a car crash. I think this allows you to do so and with people you actually can relate to. Not in the fact that they are anything like you, but to the fact that they resemble and think like people we meet everyday in our ever so populated melting pot of a city.

Funny and light hearted, love it or hate it, but never mistake it!. Big up my boy Sam and the rest of the crew for the bizarre and underrated acting. I already can’t wait for the next episode. Here are episodes one and two below. Enjoy!

Dalston Superstar, Episode One:

Dalston Superstar, Episode Two:

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