The Weeknd – Thursday (Mixtape)

With 180,000 downloads yesterday bringing their website to a hault. The Weeknd proudly presents us his latest mixtape, ‘Thursday’.

This is the newest and second installment to the trilogy series that has been eagerly awaited from native Toronto based hipster/r&b collective and singer behind The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye. Titled ‘Thursday’, this mixtape is the follow up to their underground smash ‘House of Balloons’ which had us listening to the heartbreak lyrics, moody guitar and 808′s over the last couple of months since March. As promised we’ve been given nine new tracks and a nice feature from Drake in ‘The Zone’.

I personally have been waiting for this album as I thought ‘House Of Balloons’ was a good effort and I always get quite hyped and critical after any artists second release. It’s always exciting to see what path or direction a band will take after a successful debut and what changes and influences they will take on board to stay successful, because lets face it, it’s always hard to follow a hit. We are also due a third installment sometime in Autumn/Fall which will be titled ‘Echoes Of Silence’ so keep peeled for that as well.

Rumours that fans are slightly split with this album just adds to the hype for me, I’ve only just got ‘Thursday’ so wait my pending review on the mixtape and it’s tracklist. If it’s anything close to the first installment then I’m in for a treat, and from what I’ve heard so far (as it plays in the background) the bar has certainly been maintained if not raised.

For the meanwhile, run the mixtape below or download it and judge for yourself.

The Weeknd Thursday by the weeknd thursday

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