Ron English Preview: Skin Deep: Lazarides Gallery June 23rd

The ever so popular and one of my personal favourite street artists, Ron English comes to London on June 23rd. Here are some sneak peaks of some of the art exhibited. It’s bound to be a jam packed show.

Keep yourself updated on HQ for pictures on the day or get down there yourself and you can see all the beauties for yourself.

Ron English Presents Skin Deep at Lazarides Rathbone Gallery.

11 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HR, United Kingdom

Presenting multi-layered portraits of his most iconic characters, Skin Deep will explore the intersections, discrepancies and synchronicities of personal mythologies on display in our public personas.  In homage to art history’s greats—Warhol, Pollock and Picasso just to name a few — English uses a mixture  old imagery, medium and processes  in his creation of complex narratives that transform the public to intimate and the universal to specific. Unstated cultural norms are exposed and analysed to reveal the Grand Illusion.

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