WeAreHQ x Puma x Royal Wedding customs

The Royal Wedding is taking over the world. Being British, we thought that it would only be right to do something to celebrate the biggest day of the Century…

We have teamed up with Puma and six underground artists to create a collection of one off custom shoes. Art students, graphic designers, artists and even one from our own team. This was an amazing project… and the only brief that was given was “Royal Wedding” and “Puma Suede Mid”.

Inspired by centuries of regal fashions, artists Chase, Ghettrocentricity, Marco Monteiro Hasse, Murab, Dupelux and Tiffany Baron.

With pairs taking inspiration from The Irish Guards, Kate Middleton’s elusive wedding dress and Prince William’s Army uniform, it was no surprise that there were some very unique and interesting outcomes to this project. The aim of the artists was to create something that put extravagance over practicality, something which is evident in the pictures you can see, as a member of the public said, “it would be a bit uncomfortable to wear a pair of trainers whilst dragging some cans along with you.” They also wanted to instill the humour that is attributed to Puma and transferred that to the shoes, something you can see has been applied.

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Choose your favourite pair and leave your comments at the end ……..

As you can see, some can be worn during some Royal events, Chase’sThe Royal Instagaiters‘, can be used should a prince decide he wants to go horseback riding or play a few games of Polo.

Murab took more of a formal approach with his customisation, adding a leather sole and stitching to his, and with the colours coming from Prince William’s Army uniform (something he may wear on his wedding day), it means that should something unfortunate happen to his own pair of shoes for that day, he could just put these on and avoid chaos.

Tiffany Baron‘s pair are the perfect example of Puma Humour, with a shoe each for the bride and groom. The first shoe, resembling the uniform of the Irish Guards, is draped in red fabric with a red flap with big gold buttons paying homage to their uniforms. Take a closer look and you can see Prince William’s grandmother adorned on the famous Puma stripe. The second shoe, for the bride, comes in blue silk, inspired by Kate’s engagement dress and embodies grace. It comes complete with it’s own veil on the cuff, a Puma stripe made of ribbon flowers, mini pearl sequins and two doves!

Dupelux emblazoned the flag of London onto the cuff of his shoe, as it is where the wedding will be held and chose red velvet for the cross of the flag. The gold emblem that can be found on the bottom right is the shape created when looking at all the roads in London that will be closed off for the wedding ceremony. The rose that can be found has a double meaning, one is for the celebration of the nation whilst the other pays it’s respects to Kate Middleton, a nations sweetheart and an apt depiction of the English Rose when used in reference to an English lady. The negative space seen all over the shoe is Dupelux’s signature wings, in reference to William’s role as an RAF search and rescue pilot. The large use of gold on the shoe has regal connotations that Dupelux felt was apt for the future king.

Ghettrocentricity wanted to make his mark on this iconic shoe without drifting too far for it’s original design, making sure to preserve as much of it as they could. It is an interpretation of Prince William’s crest with the use of luxury materials. He says, “If William was a fan of great trainers and if Kate’s stint in fashion taught her anything on the subject of iconic designs, they would agree that it should be something wearable and usable rather than grandiose.”

Marco Monteiro Hasse used Kate and William’s official engagement photo as his main source of inspiration. With the colours of the shoe blue and white, all he needed was to add red to make it British, so he duplicated the Union Jack onto the Puma formstripe. They were made into a pair for the couple with the little added detail of their names onto the laces. The customisation was complete as he added an all over print of ‘Kate and William’ to the cuff of the shoe and the date of the wedding beneath the Puma logo.

Which one is your favourite???

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