Jim Jones sneaker shopping – Anything like that over here? Nope!

A little random of a post… but it was a thought that came to my mind about the sneaker/trainer culture that is in the UK/Europe. Watching this video of how New York rappers, in this case, Jim Jones can go in to Flight Club NY and just have the most amazing selection of shoes and people are buying without hesitation at whatever price they are, while in the UK we have Size?, Offspring and Niketown (no offense!) 5 years ago when indy stores were allowed to open and sell rare and collectable things, the vibe was awesome, but nothing like the US.

There has never been a time when that following or craze was ever in the UK that I ever remember. Jordans are still on the shelves 3-4 weeks after they are released… True Blue 3s were still available 1 YEAR later in the UK…

The problem is that we dont have same scale of people that have the love for trainers as they do in the US.

Although Jimmy really dont really know what he is talking about…. he loves shoes and he understands shoes (to an extent). Just look at the selection through the video to see what type of choice they have in the US. Do you think that would make a difference if we had that here?? or is that just a waste of money to open up?

Enjoy… (Warning: explicit words in this video)

Stay tuned as WeAre going to bring you a true breakdown of what trainer/sneaker culture is in the UK in the near future… with no brands or corporate influence.

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