A Classically Trained Virtuoso’s Take On J Dilla

As the anniversary of hip-hop producer J Dilla’s passing approaches, there is bound to be a lot of news and reflection on his contribution to music as a whole. The Guardian recently published an article where they spoke to the classically trained virtuoso Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, who put together a 60 piece orchestra for the Suite for Ma Dukes; who speaks on Dilla and his music.

“Dilla loves five-bar loops,” he says. “He loves sevens and elevens as well, but within the phrases of five, he will have different parts of the beat looped in threes, fives and sevens a lot as well. Two of my other favorite musicians, Billie Holliday and Elvin Jones, very naturally phrase in three, five, and seven as well, without even seemingly being consciously of it.”

You can read the whole article at The Guardian.

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